ADVISION provides video monitoring, alarm systems, vehicle security systems, surveillance cameras, digital video recorders (DVR’s), driveway alarms, implement cameras, and other security products that would secure the public transport and its stations such as bus stands, railway stations etc.
Recent years have seen an increase in transit /transportation crime. This increased rate of crime has serious consequences for transportation systems. Such crime has been shown to be a significant factor in the decision not to ride public transportation

Surveillance Solutions:

The installation of video cameras inside public transport vehicles, such as buses and taxis increase driver and passenger security .The main objective of transport authorities is to assure the passenger safety and security during journeys. Protecting passengers and their belongings from thief’s or against any possible threat .Thus, Transport office and also their vehicles require surveillance systems which would help in identifying the culprits and also it helps in minimizing any un-towards incident and also maximizes the security of the passengers.

Metal Detectors:

Helps the security guards at stations such as bus-stands, railway stations and other public transportation stations to prevent any un-towards incidents such as bomb blasts.

Vehicle Tracking System:

The authority can locate the vehicles in which route it is travelling and it helps the police if the vehicles are stolen or hijacked.


  • 24*7 Surveillance.
  • Real-Time Tracking and Idling Display
  • Quick Emergency Support Possible