ADVISION provides video monitoring systems, alarm systems, surveillance cameras, digital video recorders (DVR’s), implement cameras, Time & attendance system and access control systems, Metal Detectors, Intrusion system and other security solutions that are required to secure the products in the shops.
The incidence of retail theft is also increasing. Retail businesses need more than ever to protect their stock against theft and damage, and a good retail security system will do that. Retail security is an asset no business can do without.

Surveillance Solutions:

Retail stores lose lots of money due to theft. But having a surveillance system in a retail shop can avoid the losses from the theft and also can protect the property from damaging that would happen during the theft. A surveillance system helps to create protective and friendly environment which could attract the customer to visit the shop more frequently.

Identity Management Solutions:

Helps in keeping track of staffs attendance system and also allows only the authorized person to enter the godowns or store-rooms where raw materials are stored. It also helps in finding out the fake products and also manufacturing and expiry date of the products. Identity solutions can be Card-based / Biometric/Tags.

Metal Detectors:

Helps the security guards at retail entrance to prevent any un-towards incidents such as bomb blasts.

Intrusion Alarm Solutions:

reduces the invading of unknown persons into the store room or go-downs which reduces the theft of raw materials. The smoke sensors can be installed in go-downs and manufacturing unit to protect employees and raw materials that could be gutted from fire.

Fire Alarm Solutions:

are intended to notify the employees to evacuate the building in the event of a fire or other emergency and can protect raw materials that could be gutted from fire.


  • Shoplifting prevention
  • Remote monitoring
  • Provide secure access control to cash offices, inventory rooms, and other restricted area, including balers and compactors