ADVISION provides video monitoring systems, alarm systems, surveillance cameras, digital video recorders (DVR’s), implement cameras, Time and attendance system and access control systems and other security solutions that are required to secure the Guest Houses, Cottages, Resorts, Lodges, and other hospitality places .

Surveillance Solutions:

The need for surveillance has become compulsory in the hospitality industry. With risk factors high, it is very much important to keep vigil in all key areas of the hotel to ensure safety to customers. Hotels often need surveillance solutions to protect guests, hotel property, and employees without compromising.

Identity Management Solutions:

Installing access control on each door of the cottages will help in reducing the theft of the customer things and it will also reduce irregularities of the employees.

Intrusion Alarm Solutions

Reduces the invading of unknown persons into the premises of the cottages, lodges, resorts and hospitality places.

Guard Tour Solutions:

Helps the authorities to know the exact positions of the guards at the specific time especially during night times


  • 24*7 surveillance .
  • Reduces security cost
  • Reduces unauthorized accessibility.
  • Increase overall security and safety of Customers and employees
  • Builds confidence and trust in customers which helps in good reputation.