ADVISION provides video monitoring, alarm systems,surveillance cameras, digital video recorders (DVR’s), drive way alarms, implement cameras, metal detectors, time & attendance systems with access control and other security solutions that are required to secure the hospitals and other health-care centers.
Security at hospitals for staff and patients is as important as treatment for patients in ICU. Several hospitals are prone to abduction of infants, attacking high profile patients and stealing of equipment / material / records.

Surveillance Solutions:

Hospitals have many areas that are easily accessible to the public. Hospital have a duty of taking care of all patients to ensure that they are protected from other patients, visitors and any other individuals that might affect or threaten them. People are most vulnerable when they get sick or injured and, at that time, they may not have clear thought or appropriate action.
Staffs also need protection as they work in an environment that requires them to deal with patients who may be unreasonable. Therefore, the use of CCTV in hospitals is needed. CCTV in hospitals helps in identifying theft of new born babies which have become more common.

Identity Management Solutions

At hospitals, it can be implemented at sensitive areas like new born, ICU, etc. so that only concerned people are allowed to enter.

Mobile Security Solutions:

In hospital Mobile Jammers can be used to protect people from being harmed by cell phone signals especially the infants and old age people.


  • Increase overall security and safety of patients and employees.
  • Continuous real-time monitoring
  • Prevents unnecessary movements into the wars or ICU’s
  • Only authorized people are allowed in sensitive areas such as ICU and OT.