ADVISION provides video monitoring system, alarm systems, farm security systems, surveillance cameras, digital video recorders (DVR’s), drive way alarms, implement cameras, metal detectors, time & attendance systems with access control and other security solutions that are needed to keep government offices and government related buildings secured.
Every government official needs some kind of security from detractors. Government buildings and VIP / VVIP buildings need to have basic identification and security technology in place.

Surveillance Solutions:

Surveillance cameras are a must in any government related buildings Surveillance cameras play a major role in any security system, and is true in case of government buildings. The premises of each government building should be under careful surveillance at all times, and it would be a better idea to have various security cameras to be placed in the building.
Along with having surveillance cameras in the building, placing of the cameras at the entrance point to the building is a good way to keep an vigil on each person who enters the building throughout the day. It is also a good idea to have surveillance cameras outside the building; this can help to avoid the crimes that are committed outside the building premises, and it can make it easier to identify those who enter and exit the building.

Identity Management Solutions:

Helps in keeping track of staffs attendance system and also allows only the authorized person to enter the sensitive areas of the offices or departments such as to Main Rooms or Departments.Identity solutions can be Card-based / Biometric which prevents the entry of intruders.

Mobile Security Solutions:

Helps in reducing the mobile ringing when there is an official meeting or a conference in the department.


  • Monitors entire building area including gates, buildings, fences, vehicles, parking lot, exits, and personnel.
  • Reduces irregularities of staffs and officials
  • 24*7 surveillance
  • Reduces security costs