ADVISION provides video monitoring system, alarm systems, farm security systems, surveillance cameras, digital video recorders (DVR’s), drive way alarms, implement cameras, metal detectors, time & attendance systems with access control and other security solutions that are required to secure the school and college premises from illegal activities.
Installing security systems in schools/college premises is to monitor and keep track of all the activities that take place in and out of the premises of the school/college. Sometimes providing security guards is not enough for school/college security. Thus installation of security devices is done with complete awareness of student, parent and teacher. Security Device can also provide school administrators with information that would be available and make man-free for more appropriate work.

Intrusion Alarm Solutions:

The smoke & fire alarm system can be installed in classrooms and other sensitive rooms to protect students, employees and records

Surveillance Solutions:

While the use of such surveillance may be perceived as a positive measure to help prevent vandalism and enhance security, CCTV cameras can also lead to a climate of safety among education staff.

Mobile Security solution:

During major end of year exams, mobile phone jammers are used in areas surrounding high schools to prevent students inside from receiving calls or text from outside premises.

Guard Tour Solutions:

Helps the school authorities to know the exact positions of the guards at the specific time especially during school hours.

Identity Management Solutions:

Helps in keeping track of staffs and students attendance system.


  • Help in preventing or identifying unauthorized entries into the school premises.
  • Can keep track of attendance and punctuality of both teachers and students.
  • Ensures discipline and punctuality amongst students.
  • Keep parents mind at ease about school security and environment