ADVISION provides video monitoring, alarm systems, surveillance cameras, digital video recorders (DVR’s), driveway alarms, implement cameras, metal detectors,time & attendance systems with access control and other security solutions that are required to secure the bank and other financial premises.
Increasing incidence of crimes against banks has necessitated a serious re-look at the security arrangements and guidelines followed by the banks. The increase in anti-social activities is a cause of concern as the banks are considered soft targets by the criminal. The prevailing crime scenario demands compatible, efficient and reliable security and safety measures.

Identity Management Solutions:

Helps in keeping track of staffs attendance system and also allows only the authorized person to enter the sensitive areas of the banks such as cash room and locker room.

Surveillance Solutions:

Almost all banks are using CCTV to prevent or identify the illegal activity at banking facilities. CCTV Cameras help in capturing the faces and activities of everyone within the bank or ATM premises. These are combined with date and time, so prior recordings can be located and used to solve problems and help in catching the criminals those are involved in illegal bank activity.

Intrusion Alarm System:

The intrusion alarm system can be installed in banks and other sensitive rooms such as locker room to protect employees, documents and other valuable items from an intruder.

Metal Detectors:

Helps the bank authorities to prevent any un-towards incidents


  • Minimize the risk of employee theft before and after hours;
  • Minimize the risk of theft due to shoplifting and
  • Minimize the risk of burglary after hours.