ADVISION provides video monitoring, alarm systems,surveillance cameras, digital video recorders (DVR’s), implement cameras, metal detectors, time & attendance systems with access control and other security solutions that are required to secure the association premises.
The heightened significance of international security has become a major concern in the worldwide international events. An integrated security solution combining the latest technology of biometrics and RFID is offered to manage the crowd and keep audience away from threats and attacks in the stadium.

Surveillance Solutions:

Each visitor’s facial image will be captured at the entrance by surveillance camera to identify potential hooligans or suspected terrorists.

Mobile Security Solutions:

To enhance the security of the stadium, security guards can use the mobile PDA to capture individual visitor’s facial image for instant identity verification.

Guard Tour Solutions:

Helps the stadium authorities to know the exact positions of the guards at the specific time.

Metal Detectors:

Helps the stadium authorities to prevent any un-towards incidents bomb blasts.



  • Maintain crowds order
  • Identify hooligans / terrorists and prevent terrorists attack
  • Avoid bomb attacks by locating suspicious objects in the stadium