ADVISION provides video monitoring system, alarm systems, farm security systems, surveillance cameras, digital video recorders (DVR’s), driveway alarms, implement cameras and other security solutions that you need to keep your farms and farmlands secure.

Surveillance Solutions:

CCTV security cameras are the ideal tool for farmland security. A CCTV security camera allows farmers/Land Lords to keep a vigil on every activity happenings in their lands even in their absence. There are various advantages of CCTV Camera in agricultural lands.

Perimeter Solutions:

Perimeter protection can be used for three purposes they are:

Boundary demarcation – to signal a limit and create a physical obstacle
Protection – to restrict access and feel safe
Security – to defend people and their possessions
Intrusion Alarm Solutions
Reduces the invading of unknown persons and animals into the farm and reduces the thefts.


  • Protects farming resources.
  • 24*7 surveillance .
  • Reduces security cost.
  • Reduces unauthorized accessibility.